Want a bonus tablet with your emissions analyser?

Your centre of real time gas

and DPM measurement!
Monitoring emissions can not only be challenging but expensive.
As knowledge increases on these hazards we’ve been busy figuring out ways for you to do it with accuracy and speed – and so we welcome real time measurement!
The new Testo 350 is lightweight yet rugged and packed with the latest technology to give you the assurance of faster, easier and safer testing. Comprised of an analyser box and a wireless control unit, it provides extensive field configurations along with a modular design for flexibility in all applications. The 350 can measure O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, Hydrocarbons, CO2, pressure, temperature, flow, and velocity.
Testo 340 Diesel Kit
A practical, user friendly emissions analyser for the underground or diesel engine tuning market now at a new low price of $6895.
Also available for hire.
At a glance:
- Robust, high temperature probe
- Ideal for testing diesel engine
  exhaust gases
- Bluetooth for easy, remote testing
- Strong magnets to hold onto

FLIR Airtec
As compact as a self rescuer, the Airtec is light-weight, easy to use and ideal for total air-body monitoring.
At a glance:
- Comparative results to NIOSH
- 5040 method

- Capable of semi-static monitoring
- Contains flow selectable air pump
- 4-20mA output option

A portable, accurate instrument capable of measuring total
solid particle number
emissions from a variety of
diesel-powered sources. 
At a glance:
- Built in catalytic stripper
- Direct measurement of particle
  number concentration
- Sampling probe with integrated
- Simple to use software
A small, portable, battery-operated, laser photometer, versatile for aerosol, particulates or oil mist within one's breathing zone.
At a glance:
- Robust impactors for higher mass
  concentration range
- High capacity battery
- Audible and visual alarms
- Colour OLED display
Receive BONUS Android tablet with every Testo 350 purchased between January 18 and March 10, 2017!

White, 8.0" screen, 16GB capacity with
Wi-Fi capability 

*Purchase order must be received on or before March 10, 2017.

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