Want to calibrate instruments yourself instead of sending them away?

Save time and money by doing your own calibrations!
All you need is some calibration gas and a regulator to get the job done. We have a huge range of calibration gases in different sizes and concentrations to help you keep your units on site, for longer!

Got a specific gas requirement? Just ask us!
Already using calibration gas and want to save more money?

Consider using larger cylinders through  our calibration gas consumption calculator - a handy NEW tool we created just for you!
Don't forget! GasTech offer a free recycling service for all calibration gas cylinders... you can either send them into us or if they're Portagas, put them in the post! Check out the unique 'Strip and Ship" video for
Portagas cylinders below...
Missing an SDS? Just grab it off our website and stay compliant!

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