Introducing BW Clip 4

Imagine never having to charge your 4-gas detector or change a sensor for 2 years...
...Now you don't have to with the BW Clip4
No more charging, no sensor swaps, no battery replacements, no hassles.
Revolutionary 4-gas detection that saves you time and money.
This means you get a gas detector that runs for 2 years NON-STOP!!
So how do they do it?

Utilising world leading NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red) LEL sensors that use 1000 times less battery power than catalytic cells, Honeywell has been able to create the world's first 2 year disposable 4-gas monitor.
The Clip4 is easily bump tested and calibrated with the IntelliDoX system which combines smart-docking modules with Honeywell's instrument management system to provide automated testing and record keeping for all BW Clip4 detectors.
See here how the IntelliDoX can halve your workload and help with day to day management of your instruments.
 Pre-order yours today once you've had a chat with one of our consultants

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