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Diesel Particulate Measurement (DPM)

Emissions of fine particulate matter (PM and ultrafines) in diesel exhaust have been of growing community, industry and government concern. Their combination of extremely small size and chemical composition increases the likelihood that particles will carry irritants and toxic compounds into the deepest and most sensitive areas of the lungs.

 Human Lung and Diesel Particles

This can lead to severe bronchial problems and increased susceptibility to respiratory infection, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. Carbon soot particles from diesel engines adsorb onto their surfaces other metals and toxic substances produced by diesel engines such as cancer-causing aldehydes (like formaldehyde) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Occupational health studies link cancers, particularly lung cancer to diesel exhaust exposures. Traffic studies suggest increased rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease and risk of premature death near busy urban streets or highways and thus must be addressed by industry and government. This also places at high risk the health of the underground mine worker.

Worker at Industry

Until recently, practical, low cost equipment was not available to reliably monitor PM emissions other than the opacity meter. However, research has shown that there is not always a good correlation between visible smoke and emissions of fine particles, which are generally so small as to be invisible to the human eye.

Recognising the need for a simple, rugged instrument to fulfill this need, Emitech has developed a real-time PM measuring instrument specifically designed to operate in the dirty, high PM concentration conditions found in diesel engine exhaust. This stand-alone laser-based PM instrument is battery powered, extremely portable and provides an immediate measurement of diesel exhaust PM concentration. The instrument has been proved after several years of measuring diesel exhaust gases in the underground coal mining environment.

The diesel exhaust gas sample contains large numbers of condensing water droplets especially after passing through water scrubbers. This must be removed prior to passing through the laser analyser in order to avoid incorrect readings arising from reflection and refraction of the laser beam by the water droplets. Even in underground hard rock mining where water scrubbers aren’t used, the exhaust gas holds moisture that requires the use of the dehumidifier.

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The Airtec Diesel Particulate Monitor (DPM) from FLIR displays elemental carbon levels in real time, taking the measurement out of the laboratory and placing it in the hands of the mine operator/ventilation engineer



Diesel Exhaust Emissions - Where are we? by Dr. Brian Davies AM

Dr Brian DaviesAnother great presentation about DPM that gives real insight into the hazard and some potential solutions to managing it; a great/informative presentation by Dr Brian Davies

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