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MultiPro - Confined Space Gas Detector

MultiProReal-time readings of up to four gases simultaneously, one button operation and calibration, easy to read LCD display, audible and visual alarms, event logger, IrDA port, optional sample draw pump, rugged, compact and affordable - the MultiPro Confined Space Gas Detector.

MultiPro can be configured for your needs. Three sensors and up to four channels let you monitor O2, LEL and either CO or H2S, or using our innovative DuoTox dual channel sensor, measure CO and H2S simultaneously. DuoTox is actually two toxic gas sensors in a single housing, giving you four channels of direct detection in the space of three - without cross interference.

Plus, MultiPro is built tough. Ruggedly constructed of an engineered polycarbonate with a rubber overmould, MultiPro goes where you go. Interchangeable Alkaline (3 AA) and Li-Ion battery packs, and optional sample draw pump, and a range of accessories make MultiPro the most versatile and affordable gas detector on the market.




Standard Accessories

  • Operators Guide
  • Rechargable Li-Ion version includes charger
  • Belt clip
  • Laminated quick reference guide
  • Interactive traing CD-ROM
  • Proper calibration procedure(s), based on type(s)



  • EASY ONE-BUTTON OPERATION. The MODE button on the front of the MultiPro controls all day-to-day functions including:
    • Scroll through current gas readings, MAX, STEL  and TWA screens
    • Initiate fresh air and span calibration sequences
    • Turn on the backlight
    • Access to Advanced Menus
    • Software controlled pump
    • Powered by MultiPro battery
    • Automated pump leak test whenever the pump is attached
    • Automatic switching between pump and diffusion modes
    • Rated to IPX5 against water ingress
    • Exceeds IEC 1000-4-3 for level 3 RFI immunity specifications
    • Watertight, impact-resistant polycarbonate case with rubber overmoulding
    • Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 22 hrs of use in diffusion mode
    • Li-Ion batteryand recharges in less than 5 hrs
    • Alkaline batteries provide up to 22 hrs of use between battery changes
  • DATA
    • Automatic event logger stores information for 20 events including sensor type, max and average readings, time and duration
    • Standard black box recorder stores more than 40 hrs of instrument readings
    • Built-in IrDA port for easy communication with a PC



4.5" x 2.7" x 1.7" (11.4 x 6.8 x 4.3 cm)
Alkaline:  9.9 oz. (280g).  Li-Ion:  7.8 oz. (220g)
UL Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D Temp Code T4
UL Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F, G.
UL Class III.
CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D Temp Temp Code T4
ATEX Certification: II 2 G EEx ia d IIC T4, UL International DEMKO A/S 05 ATEX 0424116X.
IECEx Certification: Ex ia d IIC T4, IECEx UL 07.0003X.
 Durability Meets IPX5 water standard
 Display Front-mounted LCD displays readings for up to 4 sensor channels
 Audible Alarm Loud warbling, two-tone alarm rated at 92dBA at one foot
 Visual Alarm Bright red LED alarm visible from front and sides
 Display Backlight Activates with MODE button
 Controls True one-button operation including automatic calibration
 Housing Polycarbonate case with overmolded rubber boot
 Battery Options Alkaline or rechargeable Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery packs
 Battery Life
diffusion - 24 hrs with eitherbattery pack
with Pump - 16 hrs with eitherbattery pack



Part Number
72-8001-25 Li-lon Datalogging



Hand Asp. Pump
(P/N 30-8001)
Motorised Pump
(P/N 30-9004)
Desktop Charger
(P/N 72-8001-05)
MultiPro IQ Express
(P/N 81-8018-05)
Hand_Asp_Pump Motorised Pump Desktop Charge MultiPro IQ Express