If raw steak is dark brown it's still ok to cook and eat, right?

If you're processing food or pouring beers we'll help you keep compliant!
Did you know steak can change colour due to the amount of oxygen present? This is a direct effect of the gas inside the packaging - and YES it can still be OK to eat!
Keep your quality standards high with our latest range of MAP analysers for food processing from industry leaders WITT.
OXYBABY 6.0 at a glance:
- Minimal sample gas required
- Indication of package internal pressure
- Indication of carrier gas proportion
- Low maintenance costs
- Large illuminated display
- Faster workflow with an optional barcode scanner for product data
- Integrated datalog of the last 500 measurements
- Product administration of up to 25 users, 100 product names & 50 packaging lines
- Cordless operation using rechargeable batteries
Are you processing foods and monitoring levels of
Chlorine, Ammonia or other toxic gases? 

The D-Guard² will easily monitor 24 hours a day.
Simplify your compliance with our standalone model including built in sounder strobe available with optional 240V power pack so you just plug in and detect! 
D-Guard²S At a glance:
- Built in sounder strobe and relay board
- Leading edge NDIR methane detection
- 100's of O2 and toxic gases monitored
- HART 7.0 communications
- Continuous operating condition monitoring
- Guided intuitive user interface
- IP65 with high impact anti-static housing
Looking for a cheap way to monitor CO2 in your pub or brewery and stay compliant?

AX50 is the answer! Already using this gear?
We can calibrate it for you in house or on site.
AX50 at a glance:
- Plug and play
- Includes repeater for versatile safety
- Dual O2 and CO2 sensor model available
- Affordable and easy to operate

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